Verticality Challenge

We work in a competitive environment.  We don’t compete against each other, but we love a challenge.  And, oh boy, what a challenge.  Grendon, a small village nestled in the glorious Northamptonshire countryside, is the perfect starting point.  Via three alternative routes, we are heading back to our offices in Strixton – an even smaller village still in the Northamptonshire countryside.

Why are we doing this?  Why not?  Each of us will be gifting funds to a pot.  The winner of the challenge can then donate the whole pot to a charity of their choice.

Here’s a little about each of the competitors:

Stephen   Stephen Grainger – Bianchi loving biker

An avid cyclist for at least three years, with a competitive streak which runs through his core!

Stephen will be completing a 3.3 mile road route.  This will basically be a 10 minute, flat out, sprint.





Misty and Grace

Andra Dobson – with her four-legged ex racer, Royal Miss (Misty)

Misty – the only breathing non-human, challenge participant – is an eleven year old ex-racehorse.

Me and my gal will be completing the 2 mile (mainly Byway) route.  Let’s hope her Top Gear Challenge career is a little better than her racing career!







SamSam Elderkin – The Off-road Cyclist

Sam has been in training for this for some time.  He didn’t even know he was in training.  It is part of his daily cycle into the office.  He’s already started noting down his times…

He will be doing the same route as Misty and myself – the two mile Byway.




JoeJoe Taylor – The Muddy Runner

Joe is taking on a massive challenge.  He is running the 1.4 mile route across footpaths which cut through farmers fields and through a farm.

Joe started running a couple of years ago and is still hopeful that he will be victorious.  He’s only young…




The gauntlet has well and truly been thrown down, with the date being set for 26th October at 11am.  With a week to go until battle commences, we all have a wee bit of training to do.  But in the words of old, let the best girl(s) win :-) .