It Started with a Line

Since the dawn of civilisation, humans have communicated in a wide variety of ways.  It is thought that early man (and woman) used a series of grunts to indicate their desires.  This may still be the case!

Then came the art of story-telling through the form of drawing.  Genius!  Not only did it provide entertainment for the Neolithic age, it also gave the archaeological fraternity a reason to get over excited and creative.

Things progressed quickly over the next few millennia and languages were developed.  According to the ‘all-knowing’ Wikipedia, Sumerian is believed to be the first written language – dating back to around 3000BC. Modern English appeared in the latter part of the 17th Century, having transitioned through a number of phases.  Klingon was created in 1985, proving it’s never too late to introduce something new.

During the time that languages have been evolving, so has technology.  Since the days of Ada Lovelace, computers have advanced at an alarming rate.  This has influenced the way we communicate.  In some countries in the world, there is a fear that the social interaction for the younger generations is moving away from being able to interact face to face.

From the humble letter to the gr8 txt msg, our lives (well some) have been swept along with the techno-communication tidal wave.  At Verticality, we pride ourselves on communicating with clients and candidates.  Over the years, modes of communication have changed.  Letter writing is gradually become a thing of the past – but still has a place, and the same may be true for email.  Texting, Skype and social media (Twitter/Facebook, etc.) are fast becoming the preferred mode of ‘talking’ to each other.

For us, without question, the telephonic communicator still reigns supreme.  It allows us to discuss roles in more detail, gather requirements and assess abilities.  We also remove ourselves from being a ‘faceless entity’ by meeting with candidates and clients alike.

Part of what sets us apart is our ability to make the individual feel like an individual and not a series of words on a CV.  We embrace technology, but not at the detriment of our core values.