2018’s Most Popular Programming Languages

The most widely respected rating index for the languages used in programming, TIOBE (The Importance of Being Earnest), has recently released its latest figures for popularity of programming languages in 2018. Like research carried out previously, Java remains at the top of the list, being closely followed by C and C++.

The rankings are based on the number of search engine requests for phrases containing the language names as keywords. It is assumed that the more people who have searched for a language and tried to learn it, the more popular it is as a whole.

There are a number of other languages which are popular, and these include C# and Python. In addition to languages that have risen in popularity, there are also some that have fallen, and these include Perl and Objective-C.

Other research, which looks at how popular tutorials are on Google rather than simply looking at search terms, has shown that Java is the most preferred language, closely followed by Python – which is in conflict to the research discussed above.

There are 10 popular programmes which have topped the list, and these are given below. These are not in order of popularity.

This is one of the widest used programmes in the world, and is currently used by billions of devices. Thanks to the fact that this language aims to be portable, it can be found on many platforms including on the likes of desktop and mobile apps.

This is a language which is used for all kinds of programming, as it is simple to both read and write. For beginners, it is thought that Python is the easiest language to learn, and it is a good language to start with if you hope for a career in programming.

This is a simpler and less functional version of C++. It was developed by Dennis Ritchie back in 1972 for the UNIX OS. In addition to being used as this, C has been shown to be a powerful language with the flexibility to be used for a number of different applications.

This is based on the more simple C language, and can be used to create software, games and apps.

This language can be used to make website pages which are written in HTML. More than 80% of websites currently use this language, including giants such as Facebook and WordPress. This is a good language for both beginners and more experienced programmers, thanks to its range of features from simple to more advanced options.

C Sharp was created to be used to develop software components which can be used in distributed environments. This is modern and general-purpose, so is popular amongst programmers.

This is very much based on the nature of the C language, and can be used to create interesting things such as websites and games for the internet. This is used on around 90% of web pages that are currently online, and it is completely compatible with all web browsers.

This is the language that is used by Apple in their OS, and can also be used to create apps for the iPhone. Although not used widely elsewhere, considering the scope of Apple’s apps, it has millions of users.

This is the follow-up language to Objective-C, and can help to reduce code length which saves both time and energy. In addition to being used on Apple devices, this code can also be used on Windows and Linux machines.

This programming language is open source, and is used a lot by statisticians for data mining. There are additional packages available which can conduct numerical computations.