First impressions count and you only get one chance – make sure your CV is up to scratch. You must remember that the person reading your CV has probably received many other CVs too, so if you don’t catch the reader’s attention, then your chance of getting an interview is reduced.

You’re likely to spend a couple of seconds reading this page, probably the same amount of time as a hiring manager will spend reviewing your CV; that is unless you do the following:

  • Keep it down to 3 pages – please no more!
  • Keep personal information to a minimum but make sure what matters is included e.g. Full Name, Full Contact Details, Nationality, Driving Licence.
  • Take time on appearance, keep it organised and professional – please, please, please use a spell check!
  • Don’t use stylised fonts, graphics or coloured background.
  • Use bullet points instead of long sentences & paragraph.
  • Highlight your key achievement.
  • Tailor your CV to each specific vacancy, include a covering letter if appropriate.
  • Don’t include a photograph.
  • Don’t write in the third person.
  • Be honest but don’t include any failures.
  • Make sure you use job titles other employers will recognise.
  • Readability is critical, make it easy for the interviewer, but also make sure you stand out!