May’s top 10 stories about Java & associated technologies

There is no doubt that May has been a busy month for Java and its associated technologies, and there have been many stories in the media about it. This is largely due to the new Angular v6 framework, as it is going to have a great impact on developers. We have put together a list of the top Java stories from May, to give you plenty of interesting information to read.


Implementing a switch case statement in Python

This is a powerful tool when it comes to having as much control as possible in programming. This article discusses exactly how you can make the most of switch-case statements in python.


Tricks for SQL

This article discusses a series of ten tricks for SQL that you almost certainly wouldn’t have known about before. The article is incredibly readable thanks to the writer’s humorous take, meaning that this is sure to be an enjoyable as well as educational read.


Angular V6, the RC phase

Although the release date for Angular V6 has changed, it is still expected to arrive fairly soon. The closer the release date draws, the more we start to learn about it, leaving us with great anticipation about the phase that is almost here.


REST services – a Spring Boot tutorial

Here, users are taught how to create a REST-based microservice on Spring Boot. It is important that platforms are able to support the increasing traffic that the internet age brings with it, and using more than one host is a good way of doing this. Microservices can help with this, and can encourage speedier development cycles.


Apache NetBeans

If you currently use NetBeans with JDK, you may be disappointed to hear that IDE 8.2 will not support JDK 9. If you are one of the many people who uses this at present, you will need to take the time to think about a solution and an alternative for your current approach.


New developments with Angular 6

There are lots of new developments with the upcoming Angular 6 release, including the ability of the CLI to automate tasks which would have been particularly tedious previously. There is now also the ability to build npm packages.


How Java FX can be used effectively in the real world

Back in 2015, a session was held about the real world applications of Java FX. Many different apps were shown here, that had been developed specifically for their customers, and plenty of development news was shared, too. This article provides an effective summary of what was discussed at the event.


Be wary if upgrading to Java 10 from 8 or earlier

Java 10 is a seriously recent release, so much so that users are still taking the time to think about what has changed, and what it might mean for them. The change may feel different depending on which version you were upgrading from, and it seems likely that you will struggle more the further back you are in the versions. Those upgrading from version 9 will have the smoothest transition.


Angular 5 updates

There are many innovative changes in Angular 5 for you to make the most of. This article takes a look at some of these, and even speculates on what you could expect to see from the next version, too.


Java machine learning libraries

Many companies are struggling to find enough people who are able to code for ML. Luckily, there are lots of machine learning libraries, and this article puts together a list of the top 5 for you to peruse.

2018’s Most Popular Programming Languages

The most widely respected rating index for the languages used in programming, TIOBE (The Importance of Being Earnest), has recently released its latest figures for popularity of programming languages in 2018. Like research carried out previously, Java remains at the top of the list, being closely followed by C and C++. Continue reading 2018’s Most Popular Programming Languages